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"…a fascinating journey… which I was happy to share. What [the Shanghai Jews] underwent and the uprooting they experienced is beautifully rendered here without a lot of the overblown prose that one usually associates with suffering."

-Joanne Greenberg, author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

"Cuba's engrossing novel provides the reader with a fascinating account of Jews living in Shanghai during the Nazi era."


"…well-researched…well-written…a wonderful read…and includes thought-provoking Reading Group questions at the end."


"Cuba superbly re-creates wartime Shanghai…more than the usual mother-daughter story of love, loss, rejection and reconciliation. Nor is it just another Holocaust memoir… Shanghai Legacy tells a gripping story that holds the reader's attention while conveying important historical information."

-Rabbi James Rudin, American Jewish Committee Senior Interreligious Adviser

"Marion Cuba has gifted her readers with a dramatic narrative that captures a long neglected period in Jewish history…This important novel accomplishes the rare feat of both engaging and teaching her fortunate readers."

-Gloria Goldreich, author of Leah's Journey, Dinner with Anna Karenina

"Sweeping from a tragic past to the shadow it casts over the present…a deeply affecting novel of mother-daughter love, the tolls it takes and the gifts it bestows. Cuba not only understands it all; she gets it down on the page in pitch-perfect prose."

-Ellen Feldman, author of The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank

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