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"…the characters are so intimately drawn that genuine involvement is elicited from the reader be it disgust, sympathy, or heartbreak. This novel, a rare accomplishment, blends history and literature into a beautiful read."

-Historical Novels Review Online

"…a swift, interesting read…Cuba's style is descriptive and accessible, and she beautifully captures [the heroine's] mid-life crisis…whets the appetite and leaves the reader wanting more."

-Allie Vered, Editor of VIRGINIA JEWISH NEWS

"Shanghai Legacy is a finely engrossing read…true-to-life depiction of the misery endured by Jewish refugees…compelled by the Japanese Occupation to live, or die, four-to-a-room in the filthy, cheerless, pestiferous Hongkew Ghetto."

-Mary Swartz, co-author of The Fugu Plan: The Untold Story
of The Japanese and The Jews during World War II

"…beautifully poignant and moving, not only in its rendering of the Jewish ghetto of Shanghai, but also in its profound understanding and illustration of the daily hurts and struggles faced by everyone…transcends a historical time period."


"…a compelling multi-generational family saga that skillfully moves between World War II Shanghai and contemporary New York City."

-POINTS EAST, a publication of the Sino-Judaic Institute

"Vivid…a good story…deserves to be read.

-Norman Goldman, Editor of

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